• Alex Antally


This was a good year - so good at times you didn't even see it coming.

You got lost in your own mind, in small conversations leading to nothing

you lost your patience many times, but then you found yourself and lost it all again...

Only to come back and realize you were seeing the world from the wrong angle.

That's when you fell in love with the wind, the breeze was something you needed many times throughout this year. For the first time you put your own happiness above someone else's, you're no longer a people pleaser. You learned how to apologize to yourself for putting you through so much, everything will pass, you promised. I promise.

This year got you crossing oceans to be lost in the subway somewhere in New York City, with the great idea to pack your bags and just leave, move there-start over.

The concerts you attended, the happy tears, that feeling you get when your favorite band

is in front of you, all the trips you took to places you've never seen before...

You know this was a good year, you were happy, you still are,

these unwanted tears that are falling down your face and won't stop,

they will, soon, just tell them they are not allowed here,

you know better than anyone how to survive.

- Alex Antally 🌸

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