• Alex Antally


We almost did everything we were supposed to,

but never thought of doing what our souls wanted to...

Remember that night when we were so drunk the lights

in the room looked like stars and we almost kissed twice.

Every time I turned my back storming out

we almost touched with no doubt.

It was ages ago, that day turning into night,

we were so young, yet I recognized your light.

Now almost is so so far away...

He took the train while I was hopping on a plane,

thousands of miles abroad

thinking about the feeling we called love.

That warm yet cold feeling of spring,

his touch so gentle and sweet,

my eyes filled with emotion-

this familiar laugh deep like the ocean.

Almost was never good enough...

"spring- you have gone so far away...

I never got to touch his hand..."

- Alex Antally 🌸

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