• Alex Antally

Artwork on the wall

I thought about it for hours, days, years

and I could only come to the conclusion,

"we don't work well together",

"we're not a match made in heaven".

I tried to make myself settle for what I have,

but something is constantly missing -

the artwork on the walls that I put up on my own,

all the bookshelves I wanted someone to build with me I did by myself,

the chair he sits on to play games,

everything that surrounds us I made with my own two hands.

He doesn't bother asking if I need help -

just lets me put up the artwork by myself.

Tonight when I want to be alone,

why should I keep someone like that

when all he ever did was not pay attention to what I really want?

The artwork on the wall is missing.

- Alex Antally 🌸

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