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I'm Cinderella and Juliet at the same time!

Saddly at the end I neither die

nor the prince saves me.

I remain alive, after every break up,

is there a greater punishment than that?!

It's a curse, being alive after being loved,

tied to a ghost after seperation,

caressed after a hand, by memories.

Romeo - my prince, turned into a ghost,

guarded by thousands of brunettes.

And what if at the end of the play he dies for me?

That's written in his script.

Everything leads to an end,

that never comes.

We continue on playing this masquerade,

so Romeo can die with me,

and the prince will find me with the uncomfortable shoe,

I will be Cinderella and Juliet,

just like my role requires to.

After the play is over,

the prince will drive away in his expensive car,

Romeo will go out looking for a new bar,

and I...

I will remain as the cursed girl,

I'm Cinderella and Juliet at the same time!

I always remain alive,

is there a greater punishment than that?!

- Alex Antally 🌸

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