• Alex Antally

“How lonely can a soul be in a world full of people?!”

I missed the plane last night; my car broke down.

The freeway was too crowded, so I decided to walk home, took the long road, on my way I drowned into the ocean, got lost somewhere in Black sea, the beach turned into a mountain, so beautiful and green, a mile later everything was covered in snow. It took me a while but here I am, freezing, longing, scared to see your pain and the scars hidden deep down, late night conversations that lead us nowhere my dear soul. You showed me the answers, but I kept on looking for them anyways. "You lie in memories, that bring nothing but pain." - my reflection said. I'm in front of my house, my home is completely empty, the couch I used to fall asleep on is gone, my mother’s voice echoes in this dusty white living room. My brother is screaming my name, I saw my father fixing something on the porch, granny was watering the flowers- trying to bring them back to life. My friends are waiting for me outside... I took the long way home, I flew, drove, walked, fall, longed for the day of my return, but when I got there it was all empty, covered with memories and white snow.

- Alex Antally 🌸

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