• Alex Antally


The ocean is so beautiful and calm when I can see your face

it's one of those clear baby blue sky, sunny days,

although all I can see is your reflection in the water.

I used to wonder how did I ended up so in love with a person like you.

A person that didn't care how broken I was.

You just took the pain away without asking for anything in return.

It takes only a smile you said to make you happy,

although at times I feel like I'm wasting your love.

You take my hands in yours, and the sound of your voice,

followed by the sparkles in your eyes, make me lose my mind.

I look at the ocean when your away, I'm longing to see your reflection.

Our love comes in waves, that's what you always say-

never on time and never too late.

- Alex Antally 🌸

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