• Alex Antally


The pain in my chest, brings nothing but regret.

My scars well dressed, this heart doesn't get upset.

My soul cries instead, it's heavy to wear your fake love, it weighs.

Loving you was easier than loving myself, lived my life for you,

not knowing there's something beyond just being loved back by someone so cruel and blue.

As time passed I couldn't hold it in, the storm my heart was constraining,

the happy mask I was wearing - broke down into pieces.

My heart wailed for me to love myself -

my vulnerable soul, so beautiful yet broken,

I know now, we are better off on our own,

although you want to love someone in this world,

my vulnerable soul, so beautiful yet broken

we don't need to put up a show,

love yourself -

no more fake love in borrow!

- Alex Antally 🌸

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