• Alex Antally


Along the road I learned that my mother will never forgive me, for me not being me. She eventually had to erase the image of the girl that was innocent, pure and kind. The girl standing in front of her nowadays is the one that messes around, just to heal her dark wounds that got deeper by not feeling truly loved. I told my mother that I'm cursed at the age of seventeen, but she refused to believe her daughter won't be loved by the once she wants in her life...

My father on the other hand was never upset with me, he seemed proud of my decisions, although my old man implies not remembering me crying every night for what I would never have. The girl standing in front of him quit loving people like a fool, it was easy and painful at the same time, but he said that no matter what I will eventually be alright.

I'm my father's daughter or that's what my mother claims!

You are a dying bird, she says, your eyes look empty and sad.

- Alex Antally 🌸

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It used to hurt, she whispered in his ear. Now it doesn’t, I don’t feel anything... they took it all! I’m a black canvas filled with color, just not mine... I belong to the world that painted a smile

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we have no ending You and I even with a said goodbye our wounds keep mending until we break each others hearts I wonder why for all my life we do this every time - Alex Antally 🌸