• Alex Antally

Someone, somewhere

Running around in circles. Changing constantly.

Kissing strangers that won’t call. Loving until it hurts to love.

It all seemed ordinary, but not this.

Not the way you tuck her hair behind her ear.

Pulling her in with a single move.

The way you kiss her when it’s all over or before it all even begun.

Your hands on her face... holding the universe as close as possible.

Don’t kiss me she thought, if you do, just like this

while your hands pull me in how am I supposed to get you out of my head-

he kissed her with pure tequila lips... first and last touch...

All he ever did was keep her on her toes.

She’d run to New York- find you when you go hiding.

It’s temporary... this feeling.

It only comes when you kiss her. Hold her.

Tuck her hair behind her ear.

It feels like it’s been years- good days and nights...

you come around.

- Alex Antally 🌸

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