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Everything is temporary:

feelings, people, flowers, moments,

but love... love is about giving...

giving everything and letting it hurt.

In a world that makes it so difficult to remain soft and easy to be cold, vulnerability should be the right choice, because all things come in twos: salt and sugar, pain and joy,

life and death, sun and moon,

me and you.

It's the balance of the universe:

making friends out of strangers,

making strangers out of friends,

falling in love, falling out of love,

losing and forgiving, letting go of people, going back to people, it's a cycle that never ends, we love, laugh and forget how it felt like the last time when something was temporary:

a flower died in front of our eyes,

a moment passed away turning into dust,

a feeling it is to love and to be loved,

to take care of a flower that might die.

It's a given I say,

me and you

under the same sky.

- Alex Antally 🌸

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