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The love of my life

My mother used to tell me when I was little that we fall madly in love only once in a lifetime. The prince on the white horse saves the princes, he breaks the spell, comes back with the glass slipper and they live happily ever after.That's what my mother used to say, she made me believe that after the first big love, we don't get another one, we get only one person that we have to fight for until we die. And she did, she married the love of her life, my father, she fought, cried, carried all the bad and good things just so they can always end up together and they did, they still are, is there anything greater than a love that survives?!

I can't make people stay, and it makes her sad, she needs me to love someone so much it hurts, and it does, every time, it hurts so bad to be heartbroken and alone, but what I've learned over the years of my existence is that love is actually simple, if you love someone just say it, if you don't let them go, no one on this planet has enough time that's worth the waste. The prince won't come, not on a white horse, not with a glass slipper, nor he will break a spell, that's what I keep telling my mother nowadays, because I know, even though I don't want to admit it, the love of my life will probably end up slipping through my fingers, or finding someone else, someone more interesting and fun, because I'm the girl that can't make any prince stay, I'm cursed to love the ones that go away.

- Alex Antally 🌸

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