• Alex Antally

The phone call

He calls me once a year on my birthday

Don’t you miss me

When will you come back he says

Don’t you miss your motherland

Our small town

The one we so badly wanted to escape from

You keep on promising you’re coming home every year

I’m getting older by the second

Waiting for you he says

Don’t you miss me

Not even a little

Do you remember the way we used to play those childish games?

My hair’s white now

It’s been thirty nine years since you left this town

I couldn’t love the way we loved

This ridiculous once a year phone call

Keeps me hoping


You’ll leave your husband and move back

We’ll begin where we ended

I’ll hold your hand like that last night

I’ll kiss you under the shining stars

At the age of sixty three

Just you and me he said

Do you miss me…

Tell me now before I go on waiting

Happy birthday

My love

I might die waiting for you.

I don't mind

- Alex Antally 🌸

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