• Alex Antally

To all the frogs that I've kissed before

I heard somewhere that love has nothing to do with kissing, people just love the idea of being loved for one night, while someone's lips feels like home and when they wake up its all gone. It's not about the prince anymore, he doesn't need some girl to save him from being stuck in a frog's body, nowadays he's a prince after all, it doesn't matter how he looks as long as he has a crown on his head and money in his pocket, his specialty seems to be the so called "one night stand". No feelings involved. It's sad how all the stories that I've read, will never be the same, I wish all the frogs that I've kissed would have eyes only for the girls they claim to love, because love has a lot to do with kissing, everyone loves the idea of being loved for the rest of their lives. And you, wherever you are, I'm waiting for a frog that will never kiss me goodbye.

- Alex Antally 🌸

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