• Alex Antally


This is not a poem, you probably know him. I don't need to explain myself, because you've read this book and put it on your self. Saying nonsense about the way he is, the way he looks, his smile and his voice that makes me think I have no other choice, would be a waste of words. You know it all, you've smelled those pages, touched them with your fingers and thrown him away.

The book I cherish the most you hurt with no shame.

- Alex Antally 🌸

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What is love?

I want to be a wave. I want you to love me the way I love you- like a wave strong and breathtaking. My heart is begging you to stay love me more than I can take. - Alex Antally 🌸

Love Again

It came back around the love she gave It came back around with more pain. - Alex Antally 🌸


Painting on the wall, colorful and all. Bring the brightness destroy the blindness we hold inside, let's find what we tried to leave behind. When the wall is filled with paint there's no more color le