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I wish I had a stranger to talk to, someone that knows how it feels, when you're longing to be loved. - Alex Antally 🌸

meant to be

A ring won't bring you happiness. - Alex Antally 🌸


There’s only two things that I desire: You and a cigarette! - Alex Antally 🌸


Why do you write? He asked So I can remember how it felt not having you, I reply. Because you exist only in my words. - Alex Antally 🌸


On days like this I won't even remember your name. - Alex Antally 🌸


She’s nothing but love, regret danger shame flame fire lier. She’s nothing but trouble. - Alex Antally 🌸

Burning trace

He left me with nothing but the memory of his touch on my skin. - Alex Antally 🌸

After you left

If all you ever wanted was few words in a poetry book, you should've came with a warning, there’s no need to break me into pieces to be...


Every time you want to kiss me you say you want to die. - Alex Antally 🌸

I'm coming home

For love to bloom it requires patience, understanding, respect, vulnerability and time. Accepting your true self and falling in love with...


In life you’ll learn when people say they don’t have time it’s simply a lie, we all find time for the things that truly matter everything...

Fight for her

Any woman wants a man who is willing to fight for her. Make all the pain go away, don't allow those tears to dry on her face every time...

Forbidden love

The boy down the street has loved someone just like I love him. - Alex Antally 🌸

Walking paradox

A love letter that I can't read anymore, but I refuse to throw away. A lot of time has passed since I've read it last, you are my...

Snowflakes turning into blossoms

Can you see the blossoms turning into snowflakes after they've been touched by the memory of you. Breaking me into pieces- I'm good at...

Where are you headed?

I heard you never took the plane, you missed the flight and I missed the train, and now we're both too late. - Alex Antally 🌸

When you lose "the one"

Tell me the story about the girl who loved the boy, but couldn't love herself. Tell me the story about the boy who loved the girl but not...

Me time

Lately I'd rather be alone at night, you can say "I love you" countless times, but I don't feel the need to be in anyone's arms- I'll...

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