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Fly away

Just for a day- let’s get lost in a city that never sleeps, in a sky so blue yet beautiful, let me be me. - Alex Antally 🌸


This was a good year - so good at times you didn't even see it coming. You got lost in your own mind, in small conversations leading to...

To raise a flower that can’t bloom

I told you not to long ago, it’s for the best to let it go, second choices don’t last long. To raise a flower that can’t bloom is like...


You’re beginning- my ending. A painting of two souls longing. waiting For a beginning- ending. - Alex Antally 🌸

Lost Angels

In the city of lost angels I’ve found you, painting pictures of people and places you miss, somewhere hidden in the soul of a devil come...

No name

You wear the face of someone I loved at the age of twenty three- with a heart breaking like a wave, kissing the shore, calling your...

Burning desire

I turned you into poetry, it was the only way I could have you... - Alex Antally 🌸

Second choice

When the moon is gone and the sun rises, when I close my eyes and this night passes, I’m afraid- I’ll be left alone... - Alex Antally 🌸

The ocean she carries inside

It was raining inside and outside of her- despite having many reasons to smile, she cried for a very long time. - Alex Antally 🌸

When love leaves you

When love leaves you, even if you say you've forgotten, it will remind you when it last left. How it never really ended- this heart of...

Words on paper

What happens when your heart hurts, when the pain is so unbearable- you feel like it's the end of the world? "I just write..." - Alex...


She met herself in between the lies. She loved herself after she cried. - Alex Antally 🌸


The clock stopped ticking long before you realized what you've lost. - Alex Antally 🌸

Finding myself

I’ve let so many people take me out of balance, steal my smile, take away all my love, leave me feeling empty or caught up in darkness....


Attaching to someone works fast, being scared to lose them without a trace. It’s a date or maybe not. You keep on making me long for your...

Moving forward

Not to long ago you felt pain in your chest, it was hard to explain. Not to long ago you felt like there’s nothing left in this world for...

Lost in love

When you get drunk- all the liquor in you screams I love you, do you really love me? - Alex Antally 🌸

Love me

It’s a tragedy the way I look at you... the way you look at me... - Alex Antally 🌸

Love scars

You took all that I had, and today just today I don’t feel like existing... - Alex Antally 🌸

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